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Title : Nanotechnology Technician's Training
Length : 90
Cost : $0.00


You must provide proof that you have attained either one of the following minimum prerequisites:*

  • Associate degree in Engineering Technology, Engineering, Biotechnology, Physics, Material Science, Chemistry, Bio-Engineering, Biology, Life Science or related field; OR,
  • A minimum of 1-year completion of studies and 1-year of work experience directly related to any of the fields listed above; OR,
  • High school diploma or equivalent and a minimum of two years work experience directly related to any of the fields listed above. English comprehension and knowledge of entry level math are required.

*Prerequisites may be waived upon request in writing to the Project Director citing reasons why the required minimum requirements for the training should be waived.

This project was funded by a grant awarded under the Industry Development Regional Collaborative (IDRC) grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Workforce and Economic Development Division.

Notes :

The Nanotechnology training program will consist of 90 hours of hands-on training that introduces participants to nanocharacterization, micro and nanofabrication, materials characterization, device characterization, electronic devices and optoelectronic devices. The Nanotechnology training will be mostly conducted at ATTC and some components of the hands-on training will be held at the Bourns College of Engineering Labs at University of California - Riverside.

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